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A personality profile the sell last chaos gold player fills out.

Last Chaos Online is part RPG, part matchmaking service. The usual RPG elements are there --choose from two races and various classes (and later, subclasses), leveling up over time via quests and hunting. With its cute anime style graphics and light RPG mechanics, Last Chaos is a game that highlights social interaction.The most notable feature is a matchmaking system that is based upon both a personality profile the sell last chaos gold player fills out and player stats (such as pairing up two characters of complimentary classes). When a match is found, a special area is unlocked for the two to spend time together, either to work together or to date. Another deep social feature is the ability to form family groups. Up to five characters may unite as a family and run a farm together, sharing in its rewards. Certain game play elements will affect relationships and offer bonuses. If you're looking for something different, Last Chaos Online might be it. It's free to play and supported by an item shop.


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