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Bant Will Damage the Body Sell FFXI GIL Organ

Core Tip: Many people who take excessive dieting to lose weight, in fact, excessive dieting is very Sell FFXI GIL dangerous. It will damage four categories organs, so you had better pay attention to.

Most stomach

Some people who have had experience of weight loss success according to be moderate in eating, perhaps on their own before and after changes in gastrointestinal function fully appreciate. Under normal circumstances, we start the first bite of food to eat, had to stimulate gastric acid secretion, to prepare decomposition food into the stomach, but in the dieting process, since the amount of food intake of artificial restrictions make it so the food into the stomach a little, and gastric secretion was several times greater than the food acid, the excess acid to the gastric cavity for a long period of time in the highly acidic conditions, damage to the gastric mucosa can imagine

Injury blood and bone

There is more women talk about fat to fear. They should know fat is maintaining our femininity which played a very important role. First, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as promotion of A, D, E, K; secondly, fat is the female hormone estrogen generate an important raw material, especially in postmenopausal women, due to ovarian function stops, a significant reduction in secretion of estrogen, while the fat adrenocortical cells can provide the raw materials processed into estrogen, in order to meet the shortfall, alleviate osteoporosis. Finally, a sufficient amount of fat in order to maintain normal female menstrual and reproductive function, if the female body to store fat consumption 1/3 or more, or a weight less than the standard weight of 10% -15%, there will be chaos menstruation, amenorrhea or infertility and so on.

Injury Systemic

This is perhaps the most overlooked by everyone, but it is harmful to the deepest. Our human body is dirty organization's activities are very subtle, as long as there is also a breath, we are doing the metabolism of the body, and not because you stop to stop the ingestion of food to produce metabolic waste. On the contrary, during starvation the body lacks sufficient energy and histiocytes updates synthesis raw materials needed to complete the replacement, then the resulting tissue is broken down within the body of the original speed far exceeding the speed recycle synthesis, thereby generating more and more wastes. 

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