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The Benefits of Yogurt and Lactic Acid Sell WOW Gold Drinks

Speaking of the benefits of yogurt and lactic acid drinks, we all know that this is yogurt Sell WOW Gold contains lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria to bring good effect, they can regulate gastrointestinal condition, but also reduce visceral fat, prevention of infection, it can be said, yogurt is one of the best snacks. However, when not drinking yogurt lactic acid bacteria can make the best play function, the Nihon Keizai Shim0bun wrote that after dinner drink yogurt is the best Oh!

In our gut, inhabited by nine months Gigabit intestinal bacteria, these bacteria species diversity, the number of cells in the entire human body is about 150 times, can be a huge family. Their task is to inhibit the intestinal tract of toxic substances, adjust intestinal environment, soften stool to relieve constipation, improve the body's immune system and so on.

Japan's RIKEN Center for the Advancement of innovation distinguish wild justice has pointed out that, according to the latest research shows that many obese people and wasting type composition are abnormal intestinal bacteria, and abnormal intestinal environment with a variety of diseases, and not closely related. Tohoku University Graduate School of Agricultural Science Tadao Saito said, because the body's beneficial bacteria strains account for only a very small number, therefore, beneficial bacteria through food supplement is necessary.

In a variety of lactic acid bacteria species, BB536 bifidobacteria has good acid resistance, can maintain viable state reach the intestine, suppress enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O (English O) 157 infection.

Meanwhile, studies have found 1073R-1 Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium BB536 also has the effect of preventing colds. Lactobacilli Shirota bacteria can shorten Yinnuowoke viroid infection caused gastroenteritis caused by fever, also activate NK cells in vivo to attack by pathogens. But it should play a preventive effect must be one month before the beginning of the epidemic in the cold yogurt every day in order to have effect.

In addition, lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria have the effect of adjusting the balance of immune cells, and thus prevention of the symptoms of hay fever allergy arising. The plant lactic acid bacteria have been shown to improve female menopause cold hands and feet produced, sore shoulders, back pain, joint pain and other symptoms.

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