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The Sell Aion US kinah team specifically notes that any test server characters won't be included.

This is a test of upcoming content, this is only a test... server, that is. Aion's quality assurance team is proud to announce a pair of bug-stomping, issue-resolving, feedback-spurring test servers -- one for North America and one for Europe. These servers are primed to open on April 29, so that players can preview patches and engage in some winged QA.Aion testers won't be given a fancy pre-made character, but instead will see a MMO in fast-forward: XP, Abyss Points and drop rates will be jacked through the roof to allow for rapid progress (in the name of testing, of course). The Sell Aion US kinah team specifically notes that any test server characters won't be included against character limits.As public test servers (PTS) are always a great way for studios to involve the playerbase in making the game better, Aion subscribers should be happy to be included in the process. You can read the entire announcement over on the Aion forums.



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