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The Stockade is a heavily guarded prison in the middle of Storm-wind City

In World of Warcraft, there are thousands of raid, instance and dungeon. Players are able to get wonderful rewards though these places, such as sell wow gold, infrequent items, exclusive equipments and WoW experience.

Here we are going to introduce basic information of Stockade and quests. We desire that players will gain more WoW gold and experience. The Stockade is a heavily guarded prison in the middle of Storm-wind City.

A large number of dangerous criminals, including some criminal masterminds and Defias mercenaries, are currently being held in the stockade.

However, not so long ago, there was a revolt inside the dungeon, and the prisoners now keep the Stockade under their control.

As with the Quell the Uprising quest, the various Defias MOBs can be found throughout the Stockades. If you are completing all of the other quests, there will be no reason to go looking for them.

Clear each room and you should get enough bandanas to complete the quest. If all 5 members of the group are trying to complete the quest it may take a few runs through the instance, but if just 1 or 2 are completing it, you will get enough easily.

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