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The dofus kamas player is protecting a dragon at the other end.

I've never played the MMORPG Dofus, but I actually considering taking a look at it after playing Dofus: Battles. The story, characters, and settings in Dofus have that awesome mix of fantasy and humor (perhaps cuteness is a better description) that is so hard not to smile at. Little things like the "Sawn-Off Pulley Bow" are just too clever not to notice.The actually gameplay is enjoyable. Each round is set up mainly like a tower defense game. Monsters spawn at one end, the dofus kamas player is protecting a dragon at the other end, and heros (towers) must be built in between to prevent the monsters from reaching the dragon. The heroes can be moved between waves. New heroes can be built during and after the waves when five crystals are collected (dropped from dead monsters). There are twelve different heroes: six attacking and six support. The heroes are introduced two at a time and are increasingly unique and complex. It starts with a simple warrior and healer and ends with a life-stealer and a critical strike-increaser.


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