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Why People Are Easy To Get Acne in Sell Mabinogi Gold Summer

The so-called pimple refers to acne. In the summer, oil secretion and metabolism of the Sell Mabinogi Gold human body is very strong, so it is the season of high incidence of acne. In order to prevent the generation of acne, people should do the work of cleaning and moisturizing, and pay attention to improving the poor eating and activity habits. If the acne has occurred, it is recommended to the hospital, and identify the causes of acne, symptomatic treatment can be effective.

When you have acne on the face, people will say that they are pimple. But why summer is easier to produce acne? In fact, the majority of acne is called pimple in medicine. Acne often has two forms: one is called acne, simply because oil production increased pore blockage caused by the formation of small papules, not red; another called follicular papules, clogged pores time is relatively long, the bacteria in the pores the breeding and the formation of inflammation, redness, or even pus. Most acne skin's oil production and secretion of endocrine closely related.

The reason why summer is the high season of acne is due to the body's fat secretion is very strong. At this time, if people are relatively smooth walls of the pores, allowing oil to be discharged smoothly, so it is still not cause acne. But for most people, metabolism is stronger than usual, the body more than the consumption of various nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, especially relatively more vitamin A deficiency, which causes the pore wall becomes rough. The fat is relatively sticky and easier to plug the pores, thus by the oil and dead skin cells mixed to form a horny plug, which is acne. At this point the oxygen cannot enter into the pores, and over time, the pores inside hypoxia, anaerobic environment that best suited the massive growth of Propionibacterium acnes, the skin effect of the formation of inflammation, which is folliculitis.

For some women who are endocrine abnormalities, their body's relatively is high levels of androgens, male hormones on the sebaceous glands inherently receptor binding and promote oil secretion. Under the influence of high temperatures in the summer, the receptors on the sebaceous glands become more sensitive, active, and when combined androgen produced a greater amount of fat, which is also more susceptible to acne these women troubled.

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