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How to Use the Fruit to Lose Sell Dofus Kamas Weight

According to the habits of our resident, dinner account to the largest Sell Dofus Kamas component, this is accounting for 40% of energy intake day, or even more. If you do not eat dinner, but use the fruit to instead, you can often reduce by 25% -30% of energy intake, so that the weight gradually decreased

As dinner dishes are rich, the intake of fat and salt is usually also open up. If you do not eat dinner, with fruit substitute, it will be conducive to develop a light taste, a significant reduction in fat and salt intake. Less fat is easy to lean on, and salt body less prone to water retention is not the slim helpful.

Most women like to eat fruit, if at night to eat a fruit, even if it does not eat meals, most women do not feel very sorry. Because the normal breakfast and lunch to eat in a day in which they have the opportunity to enjoy other tasty food at dinner when the right food is not so special yearning. Therefore, the way to lose weight eating fruit dinner easy to implement, there are feasible.

If female just eat the fruits in the dinner, but fruit cannot provide enough protein and B vitamins, vitamin ADEK Therefore, before breakfast and lunch should be noted that the supply of protein foods and improve nutritional quality. For the breakfast, you should prepare the foods without dessert desserts and fried foods, and some protein-rich. Staple should best to eat whole grains legumes to increase the B vitamins and vitamin E. If you just eat the fruit as dinner, breakfast and lunch and the quality is poor, then the inevitable result is malnutrition, skin deterioration, lack of physical activity, and even anemia and irregular menstruation.

Eating fruit in the dinner do not mean to eat one apple. Those fruit which are not concentrated energy is not high sweetness of fruit, such as kiwi, dragon fruit, strawberries, citrus edible etc, cannot exceed 1 kg. Watermelon eating fruits cannot be unlimited, because the fruit can also cause excessive amount of sugar in excess, hinder weight loss.

In order to avoid anemia, vitamin deficiencies and so on, the expert advice to plus a multivitamin mineral recommended pills in breakfast or lunch with a meal. Micronutrient sufficient can guarantee the smooth fat decomposition.

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