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Pregnant Women Should Far Away From the Chemical Sell Cabal Alz Materials

According to the Daily Mail reported that the Royal College of Obstetricians and published a new Sell Cabal Alz report suggested that in order to avoid chemical harm to the fetus, pregnant women should avoid contact with paint, and try not to buy new furniture, new cars, new clothes and so on.

The report lists a long list of things that pregnant women should be banned - although there is no evidence that some of them would harm the fetus. The report warned pregnant and lactation women should avoid paint fumes, do not buy new furniture, clothes, as well as a new car, or even a non-stick.

Meanwhile, pregnant women try to eat fresh foods rather than processed foods, to reduce exposure to chemicals on the packaging opportunities. In addition, during pregnancy, these things may become a potential minefield: from cosmetics to perfumes on the dresser, are likely to pose a threat to the fetus. Pregnancy to minimize the use moisturizer and shower gel, for the labeling of natural and herbal skin care products should also be treated with caution. Also, avoid the use of insecticides and mosquito control agent. And unless a last resort, do not take painkillers.

Royal College of Obstetricians believes that women are always surround hundreds of various kinds of daily necessities chemicals, and these substances are inevitable. While some chemicals are low levels, but many people still worry about the potential harm will affect their baby. Therefore, the report argues that the most correct way is to adhere to the "safety first" principle.

The report also acknowledged that on the outside of chemicals on pregnancy and lactation in the end what harm is also poorly understood. Because the previous experiments are in the laboratory, either in animals, usually not used for humans, so these prove chemicals on the fetus in the womb at risk study does not prove causality. Current evidence suggests that these dangerous - if it exists - cannot be assessed. But the report also claimed that a woman's right to obtain information about these uncertainties, thus helping them to make informed judgments, and make positive action.

Although there are no official suggestions to pregnant women on this issue, there is a lot about evidence to show that chemicals that may have an adverse effect on fetal development.

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